5 Most Helpful Hacks to Save on Data While Traveling
These travel hacks will keep you in the loop without draining your wallet.

Alvin Munene | Jul 18, 2018

If you're worried that you'll have to spend a fortune to stay connected with family and friends back home while wandering the world, never fear. These travel hacks will keep you in the loop without draining your wallet.

Handy Phone
Hotels all around the world have partnered with handy to offer a helpful new amenity: a smartphone with a local number that you can use for free during your stay. Usually, the phones have the option to access all of your social media accounts and the internet along with phone service at no charge. You can find a list of all the hotels that have the feature here.

Prepaid Phones
One way to avoid excess fees on your phone bill is to switch off your phone entirely and opt for a local one. Many airports have inexpensive or prepaid flip phones that you can purchase to use temporarily during your trip. Depending on which country you're traveling to, this option could save you a bundle, but you'll have to sacrifice access to some of your favorite apps. On the plus side, you could sell the phone when you're done with it or just save it for the next trip abroad.

Wi-Fi Hot Spot Travel Gadget
Instead of using data, you can bring a travel router along to stay connected to Wi-Fi wherever you go. There are tons of brands and different plans that allow you to rent or buy your own personal Wi-Fi hotspot so you never have to disconnect.

Wi-Fi Calling
Instead of making phone calls using up roaming minutes and racking up costs, opt for Facetime or Skype calls instead. Make sure you turn off your data by choosing Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data > Off on iPhone. Some phones also have the option to switch on Wi-Fi calling. Make sure everything is set, then find Wi-Fi access and chat away.

If all else fails, disconnect! Give your friends and family back home a heads up and spend your vacation enjoying the views and the company you're with. Live in the moment and soak up some peace and quiet.

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