Best Cheap Eats in All 50 US States
Traveling can get a bit costly, especially if you're traveling with the family. Getting to some fancy, famous restaurants can sometimes be a primary reason for taking the trip.

Dan Taylor | Aug 08, 2018

Traveling can get a bit costly, especially if you're traveling with the family. Getting to some fancy, famous restaurants can sometimes be a primary reason for taking the trip. And that's great fun, but there are places to get "yummy in your tummy" food without having to mortgage the house! Here are the top eateries for inexpensive meals in all 50 states. We're hungry, how 'bout you?

50. Alabama
Head for Birmingham to Fife's Restaurant specializing in southern fare for over 60 years and only $7.25.

49. Alaska
Think Anchorage and the Yak and Yeti Caf. Nepalese, Indian and Tibetan infused in rice bowls with pork vindaloo or shapta pork stir fry at $8.99.

48. Arizona
The Tucson Tamale Company in Tucson offers a plate with two tamales for $7.69. Alton Brown of the Food Network has endorsed these puppies!

47. Arkansas
We think it's illegal to visit Arkansas and not have catfish. So, we suggest My Catfish, in Benton. Seasoned to order, hand battered, marinated fish with fries, cole slaw, and hushpuppies for a mere $8.99. From a food truck to three locations, this is a must taste!

46. California
The home of Mexican tacos, when you visit Roast to Go, located in the Grand Central Market in Los Angeles, $3 per taco may sound like too much, but one will fill you to the max! Diners can also go for carne asada tacos, tongue or braised beef cheek tacos. And careful with that kicky salsa!

45. Colorado
Ah, great comfort food on a chilly day in Boulder at the Shamane's Bake Shoppe. A chicken pot pie will run you only $8.25, and this pie is full of roasted chicken, and a broth created from the bones and cooked from scratch. This is the way a chicken pot pie should be cooked.

44. Connecticut
Clam chowder can be either white or red, but Milford's own Bobbette's Take Out, offers a new mussel chowder where mussels fill the cream based broth for only $6.50.

43. Delaware
Yum, fresh crabs, clams, shrimp, scallops, oysters or fish fill the menu at Dover's Pleasanton's Seafood. The Red Crab Soup for only $5.50 is worthy of seconds and thirds. Or you can add an order of Old Bay fries for $2, or a cheeseburger for $3.50.

42. Florida
Any visit to Florida isn't complete until you have a beef empanada at Sergio's Cuban Kitchen and Bar, for just $2.25 along with a creamy chimichurri sauce and a cup of Cuban coffee.

41. Georgia
Shrimp and grits with a southwest flavor for brunch at the Last Resort Grill, where they also add in Andouille sausage all for just $9.50.

40. Hawaii
Check out Ono Seafood in Honolulu for a bowl of a one-third pound of ahi poke in any one of eight marinades for $7.50. It's a Hawaiian favorite.

39. Idaho
We know Idaho for their potatoes, but at Waffle Me Up for sweet or savory waffles. The tasty BOB Deluxe is under melted Havarti cheese, bacon, syrup, basil and a fried egg for $8.50.

38. Illinois
Get an excellent Italian beef and sausage combo in Chicago at Nottoli and Son, where sausage-making has been a specialty for three generations. Garlic, herbs au jus, and piles of beef on a split roll that will have the jus dripping down your arms. A messy and fun sandwich of $5.75 awaits.

37. Indiana
Goose, the Market in Indy is unique with their artisanal charcuterie in the Batali sandwich. It has soppressata, provolone, tomato, coppa, and capicola and is the best hoagie cold cut you will ever eat! The tomatoes are in-house and full of flavor and well worth the $8.35.

36. Iowa
For $11 order the cioppino at Eatery A in Des Moines, it comes with shrimp, San Marzano tomatoes, Manila clams, and thick stock for dipping. This is a Mediterranean bistro, and their flavors come straight from North Africa.

35. Kansas
Home to the Royal's, try El Pollo Rey in Kansas. They specialize in chicken dinners of a half or whole chicken or just wings. Butterflying a chicken ends in a delicious chicken platter with rice and beans for $6.75 half chicken or pick up a full chicken for just $12.50.

34. Kentucky
It's a charming basement bar in a residential hood in Louisville that serves a $13 sweet potato waffle under three chicken wings and a side of maple syrup. Hammerheads is almost like a place where everyone knows your name.

33. Louisiana
Jambalaya, is the hallmark of New Orleans with a combo of meats, vegetables, and rice. We'll meet you in the iconic French Quarter at Coop's Place for their $12 dish that comes with crawfish, shrimp, rabbit, sausage or tasso ham.

32. Maine
Sweet teeth unite at Mount Desert Ice Cream in both Bar Harbor and Portland. Join us in this paradise of frozen fresh ingredients of small batch ice creams. Lemon sorbet, coriander topped with streusel and strawberry jam or caramelized bacon, with Jack Daniels and homemade hot fudge for $4.75
31. Maryland
Beef Baron's in the charm city, Baltimore cooks meat over hardwood charcoal and serve up razor thin meats on sandwich bread. Usually topped with either barbecue sauce or horseradish.

30. Massachusetts
In the historic Dorchester area, you can try all kinds of ethnic foods. Try some flatbread with spices at Singh's Roti Shop in Boston. Chicken or goat prices run from $9.49 to $11.69.

29. Michigan
In Grand Rapids, pick up an $8 torta de jamn at Donkey Taqueria. This is an incredible mixture of pork confit, roasted ham, refried pinto beans, cheese, guacamole, onion relish, chipotle-caper mayo, and romaine lettuce on baked bread. If that doesn't have you licking your chops, the carnitas are also excellent. It's all set in a 1920s-service station, what atmosphere!

28. Minnesota
It can get cold in Minneapolis, but if you stop at Tot Boss, and indulge in the Tater Tot Hot Dish you will get your heat on! Ground beef, tots, cheese combined with chicken soup. Did we say it's also topped with bacon and is only $6.

27. Mississippi
You can't hit this state without tasting soul food at Bully's Restaurant in Jackson. Chitterlings, catfish or pig's feet, beef ribs, fried chicken, oxtails and don't forget sides like collard greens, squash, okra, string beans, yams, mac 'n cheese, potato salad, green tomatoes or tomato stew for less than $10.

26. Missouri
Carl's Drive-in, St. Louis serves up smashed burgers stacked like crepes and topped with cheese and bacon that are about $6.75. It's a tiny shack in the burbs, so don't miss this one. You may smell the griddle as you approach.

25. Montana
Livingston's Mustang Fresh Food and Catering, endorsed by none other than Martha Stewart, turns the native huckleberries into jam for just $2.50 and they also sell the berries in bars and pie.

24. Nebraska
Black walnuts, native to Nebraska are stuffed with ice cream in a homemade waffle cone at the Coneflower Creamery in Omaha. And they're only $4.75. Also available are pumpkin cheesecake, espresso caramel, and cinnamon apple butter.

23. Nevada
From rich buffets on the strip to beloved local spots including Lotus of Siam in Las Vegas, Vegas never disappoints. Drop by the Lotus for great Thai dishes like spicy chicken soup, cooked with fresh herb and spices, onion, green chili and tomato. Panang curry is cooked with coconut milk, basil, and either meat or tofu for less than $12.

22. New Hampshire
Diners rarely disappoint in any shape or size in the major cities, but the ones in small towns are all-American restaurants. MaryAnn's Diner is a traditional small-town diner with the simple and familiar fare at extremely reasonable prices. We suggest the $4.79 breakfast of toast, meat, and home fries.

21. New Jersey
Either in Hackensack or Jersey City, you have to order a burger or sliders at White Manna. A cheeseburger slider is $1.20 or grab a meal for $5.

20. New Mexico
For an incredible Dulce de Diablo donut, make a pitstop at Rebel Donut in Albuquerque. Candied bacon on caramel, pecans, and chili pepper all for $2.46 this has got to be the most unique taste ever. You can also try Circus Animal donuts or Breaking Bad donuts topped with crystal candy.

19. New York
A hot, hearty meal for $6 in New York City? Yes, it's true, if you stop at one of the many halal carts for a lamb gyro over rice. Splurge and get fresh veggies and hot sauce on the side.

18. North Carolina
Home of the famous NC barbecue in Ayden, at the Skylight Inn BBQ. Whole hogs over a wood fire pit have been roasting here since 1947. Add some fresh coleslaw for just $4.50 or go for the portly size for only $3 more.

17. North Dakota
Sit down at JL Beers' in Fargo for a good ole beer and burger. Rajun Cajun with lime sauce, spices, and pepper jack cheese is very tasty, or you can chow down on the classic quarter pounder with onions, pickles, lettuce and tomato for $5.29.

16. Ohio
Come on up to Cleveland or Columbus to visit one of the Danny's Deli locations. Corned beef hash and eggs or an incredible corned beef sandwich will have you begging for more, but you don't have any more room in your belly. Only $6.50 for breakfast.

15. Oklahoma
Vietnamese fare in Tulsa? Why yes, it is home to a variety of Vietnamese food trucks that serve Bahn mi that is incredibly good. It's a baguette with fillings that include pan-roasted or oven-roasted pork belly, Vietnamese sausage, grilled pork, or chicken. Visit the Lone Wolf Bahn Mi, for the sandwich with lemongrass buttermilk fried chicken for $8.95.

14. Oregon
The Portland Penny Diner, located inside the Hotel Lucia offers mortadella, sauerkraut, egg, and cheese served on a Parker House roll all for less than $6. It comes with coffee mayo! Coffee mayo? Yes!

13. Pennsylvania
Philly steak and cheese is a winner in this city, but we're going to challenge you to try the roast pork at John's Roast Pork in Philly. Picture a long roll, provolone, spinach all atop slow roasted pork nearly swimming in juice for $6.50 or go big with the larger size at $8.75.

12. Rhode Island
Blount Clam Shack in Warren is only open in the warmer months, so plan your trip accordingly to get their giant lobster roll topped with one-half pound of meat for about $20. And for only $8.99 you can opt for a jumbo clam strip roll.

11. South Carolina
South Carolina equals grits so head to Charleston and the Sunrise Bistro Express, for a bowl of creamy grits loaded with bacon, cheese, onions, peppers, ham, sausage, scrambled eggs, and tomatoes is just $9. Or go for the gusto with an added $3, and top it off with shrimp.

10. South Dakota
Brined with buttermilk, fried and cooked in a pressure cooker, the chicken at Bob's Carryout and Delivery in Sioux Falls is mouthwatering. They also serve burgers, ribs, and sandwiches. You can dine in, request delivery or carry out. Try the two piece roasted dark meat chicken with two sides for $7.45 or $8.25 for white meat, and $8.50 for a combination. We'll have the dark meat, please!

9. Tennessee
Memphis ribs at Payne's BBQ are slow cooked with barbecue sauce all crammed into a bun for $7.

8. Texas
Everything is bigger in Texas, so skip dinner and go straight for dessert at Austin's Briery Bakery for the pineapple brown butter blondie for $3.50. Or if you've already coughed up money for dinner, try a peanut butter cookie with sea salt and chocolate ganache, bacon and gruyere popover, eggs, ham, and cheddar biscuits or bread pudding.

7. Utah
Fried Mormon Funeral Potatoes are potatoes rolled into balls and deep fried and then added to a cheesy casserole. We're told they are served only at someone's home or at funerals. Salt Lake City's Garage on Beck sells them for $8, and they include cheddar cheese, scallions, and bacon with a little Ranch dressing on the side.

6. Vermont
Like most college towns, there is no shortage of cheap eats here. Hong's Chinese Dumplings, is one of our favorites, and you can pick from chicken, pork, and vegetable dumplings, all made to order at five for $6.

5. Virginia
There is nothing like salt-cured Virginia ham! And it is at its best atop a fabulous fluffy biscuit at the Early Bird Biscuit Co. in Richmond, where a ham biscuit costs $4.95. On different days, you may be surprised by offers that include a pineapple upside down biscuit or an Old Bay cheddar biscuit for only $2.65.

4. Washington
Paseo, in Seattle, caught our taste buds, when we took the first bite of the Caribbean roast pork sandwich. Grilled onions, romaine lettuce, pickled jalapeos, in aioli sauce atop slowly cooked port is only $9.75.

3. West Virginia
The Atomic Grill in Morgantown will serve you one pound of joint wings for only $11, and they are all made from local organic chickens.

2. Wisconsin
Sheboygan and Al and Al's Steinhaus, 56-year-old German Cuisine serves a double bratwurst sandwich on a hard roll for $6.95.

1. Wyoming
Persephone Bakery in Jackson Hole serves up a quick cup of Joe alongside something yummy made with bread and locally sourced ingredients. And you can enjoy some incredible views of the Tetons while you munch on an egg, Creminelli ham, levain bread Mornay sauce, tomato jam and a Croque Madame all for just $8.

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