The 16 World Cities with the Most Expensive Commute Costs
With the current trend leaning towards working from home.

Dan Taylor | Aug 08, 2018

With the current trend leaning towards working from home, you really should think about the pros and cons of that prospect -- especially if you live in one of these crazy expensive cities for commuting.

Several advantages to working from home immediately come to mind: a home office, quiet space, discipline, keeping the family at bay, and saving money working in your jammies and bunny slippers (yet remaining professional).

And in the category of saving money, transportation falls second to housing when you live in a larger metropolis, so you can save some significant bucks by not having to commute to an office. Plus, it's less stressful, better for the environment, and if you use public transportation, you may be able to save on owning a car.

According to travel site Expatistan, these are the 16 most expensive cities for public transportation commutes.

16. San Francisco, United States: $86.10
15. Berlin, Germany: $87.20
14. Frankfurt, Germany: $88.50
13. Stockholm, Sweden: $90.70
12. Wellington, New Zealand: $101.20
11. Chicago, United States; $102.10
10. Toronto, Canada: $102.70
9. Melbourne, Australia: $105.50
8. Zurich, Switzerland: $108.40
7. Sydney, Australia: $108.40
6. Amsterdam, Netherlands: $108.60
5. Tokyo, Japan: $110.70
4. New York City, United States: $117.70
3. Auckland, New Zealand: $122.90
2. Dublin, Ireland: $131.60
1. London, United Kingdom: $174

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