Top 10 Countries to go Backpacking

Dan Taylor | Jul 18, 2018

Backpacking is one of the best ways to enjoy exploring the world when you are on a budget. Common among college students, this is an easy way to travel the world with friends, make new friends, and immerse yourself in world cultures. We have compiled a list of 10 of the best countries to enjoy a backpacking holiday, especially for those who are backpacking for the first time

10. Thailand
If you are wanting a world class backpacking vacation a budget, Thailand is simply the place for you. You can enjoy the beautiful tropical weather, beaches, and unique cuisine on as little as $20 a day. As it is a popular backpacking destination, there are plenty of hostels and helpful guides to suit your budget. There are also a plethora of activities to suit everyone.

9. Indonesia
There are literally thousands of islands to explore in Indonesia - this place is a backpackers dream. The only limitation is your time and money you are willing to spend. Everything in Indonesia is very affordable and backpackers can survive on a $30 a day budget, including a bit of shopping. Transportation is probably the biggest cost consideration to make when deciding just how many of the islands you are going to visit. There are plenty of activities such as snorkeling, hiking, and fishing, which cost next to nothing.

8. Nepal
Hello, Mount Everest and the Garden of Dreams. Nepal is truly the original backpacking destination. This is a great destination for those looking for a more calm and spiritual backpacking trip. There is plenty to see, and the country shares a border with Tibet and India so you have access to other countries. You can find very affordable hostels that host activities for visitors as well.

7. Costa Rica
This is an unlikely country as it is one of the most expensive tourist destinations in Central America. BUT as a backpacker, you can enjoy this beautiful country on less than half of what a traditional tourist would spend. There are backpacker lodges that cost as little as $10 per night. Rather than eating in the restaurants for tourists, backpackers can enjoy local restaurants which serve authentic cuisine at a fraction of the cost. There are plenty of activities to enjoy across the country as well.

6. Nicaragua
This warm country is one of the most budget-friendly countries to visit and backpack across. There are plenty of natural sites to see, volunteer experiences, and activities to enjoy. Depending on your budget, you can stay in some beautiful lodgings and experience true Nicaraguan hospitality. This is a great backpacking spiritual destination, and place to volunteer.

5. India
If you are ok with foregoing some of the luxuries of the western world, backpacking in India is really for you. And really, who needs hot showers in such a hot climate? That small sacrifice will open your life to the most miraculous sights, beautiful vibrant culture, and food to die for. There are plenty of affordable hostel options in each major city, and there's so much to see and do. Travel within the country is very cheap so you can tick off plenty of bucket list items whilst you are there. If you are looking for the one country that has all your backpacking needs, this is it!

4. Albania
This is one of Europe's best-kept secrets and a backpackers heaven. Albania is similar to countries like Greece and Italy but at a fraction of the cost. The accommodation is very affordable and backpacking hostels are even cheaper. Albania is full of culture that you will want to immerse yourself in. As for food, eating in Albania costs next to nothing, and the food is rich and delicious.

3. Peru
Visiting Peru is like visiting multiple places at once. There are lush rainforests, beautiful beaches, as well as ruins to visit. This is an affordable destination and allows backpackers to take themselves on great adventures with very helpful locals. This destination is highly recommended for those who can speak and understand some Spanish as a majority of the population does not speak English.

2. Turkey
For those who love to shop and are looking for a more "commercial" backpacking holiday, Turkey is the place for you. As well as having breathtaking landscapes, the country boasts bustling markets, museums and art galleries. You can spend the day exploring the beautiful architecture and taking pictures of the city. The food (as with all places on this list) is simply delicious. You can find street vendors selling popular decadent desserts, as well as restaurants and cafes that serve very affordable generous portions.

1. Sri Lanka
This is a great country to go backpacking if you are on an extreme budget. Like other nearby countries, backpackers can realistically survive and enjoy the country on less than $30 per day. They key to this low cost is to ensure that you research and find the cheapest hostels in each area you are visiting, eat at local cafes and eateries, and avoid falling for the overpriced "touristy" activities. Instead, plan your own activities and use local transportation or rent your own.

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