Top 10 Destinations for Solo Travellers

Dan Taylor | Jul 18, 2018

Solo traveling is something that every person must do, at least once in a lifetime. It is truly amazing how much you can learn and experience when you decide to enjoy your own company and focus on the travel and culture, rather than on the people that you are traveling with. On the way, you will meet new people and actively participate in your travels, rather than just being a sightseer and picture taker. Below are 10 of the best destinations to travel and enjoy alone.

10. Seville, Spain
This is a country that is known for being lively and social, making it the perfect destination for someone who is traveling alone and wanting to make friends. Seville is fun loving, and most importantly, hospitable. It is not uncommon for strangers to strike up a conversation, dance, and even invite you to share a meal. The best part about touring Seville is that there is always something to do. You don't need to have a plan just step outside and you will find something to do or a place to explore. Being a solo traveler also allows for more accommodation options. You can opt to stay with a local family, as a homestay, or stay in a hotel or hostel. Either way, you are bound to make a few new friends.

9. Paris, France
For those who could spend hours in museums and galleries, Paris is the solo destination of your dreams. Despite the long-time association with romance, Paris is actually more a city of love. You will fall in love with the planets best museums. You will fall in love with the most decadent desserts. And you will definitely fall in love with the way the city feeds you culture, beauty, and art. You can find accommodation from $40 per night, depending on your tastes, and a Museum Pass costs about 75 euros for 6 days of unlimited entry to 50 different sites. You can take pictures of all you see and enjoy a quiet afternoon coffee in one Paris' MANY cafes and coffee shops.

8. Belgium
Beer and bicycles. If those two things appeal to you, you should definitely add Belgium to your solo travel list. Whilst this is a small country, there are over 150 world-famous breweries crammed into a space smaller than the space of Maryland. You can easily access all of them over the space of a few days, and partake in a biking beer tour whilst you are at it. Whilst in the country, you can enjoy some Belgian cuisine that is both affordable, and pairs well with the many local brews. There are plenty of accommodation options in Belgium, and some even free for lone travelers in small towns. You will love the Belgian hospitality and make plenty of new friends along the way.

7. Taipei, Taiwan
The perfect combination of modernity and history, Taipei is a safe and exciting destination for solo travel. You can explore the night markets where you can buy food, clothing, and anything in between for a low price, as well as the modern buildings and world-class malls. This city is easily accessible with most public communication in English, and low crime rates - there are even Safe Waiting Zones marked on metro platforms if you need to feel even safer. You will find all of the urban comforts you require, as well as the hustle and bustle of a traditional Asian metropolis. This is a particularly great destination for first-time solo travelers who do not want to have to worry about crime and language barriers.

6. Melbourne, Australia
Welcome to the world's most livable city! Melbourne is a welcoming destination that has all the amenities to make your life hassle-free and enjoyable. Whilst you are here, you can enjoy the free tourist tram to take you around the city, as well as the friendly nature of the local Melbournians. In the city, the major sights are the Star Observation Wheel, Federation Square, Southbank Riverside, and plenty of seasonal activities depending on when you visit. Melbourne is also a multicultural city so expect to sample your way through worldwide foods. There is also an active and vibrant nightlife for those who want to party the night away. You definitely won't ever feel lonely in this city.

5. Salzburg, Austria
Famously known as Mozart's hometown, Salzburg yet another great destination for solo travelers looking to soak in its inviting charm. You can visit sights from The Sound of Music such as The Mirabell Gardens, and spend hours in the Biergarten sampling Austria and Europe's finest ales. This is also the country's most bike-friendly city, meaning that your transportation costs will be low, and you still be able to see all parts of the city.

4. Washington Dc, USA
This national capital makes it so easy to navigate and enjoy all the city has to offer. Whilst traveling alone, you will have the opportunity to explore the national memorials, galleries, and other private exhibits. There are plenty of free things to do in DC, and almost all of them are accessible via the metro system. You can explore the city on foot, rent a bike, or Uber/Lyft. As for night time entertainment, DC has it all. You can hit the bars or check out some evening theatre performances that are perfect for sitting back and enjoying a drink alone.

3. London, England
It is a given that London is on this list. Almost every solo traveler starts their adventures in London. It is easy to navigate, especially because there is a well-explained signage system that has translations in numerous languages. There are plenty of sights to visit in the city and so many tourists that you won't have trouble getting pictures of yourself, even if you are traveling solo. The accommodation options in the city vary depending on location and budget, but you will always find something within your price range. In London, you are bound to meet and bond with other solo travelers along your journey.

2. Stockholm, Sweden
This beautiful city is a popular solo travel destination, especially among women of all ages. The city holds a unique beauty that you need to explore on your own to truly appreciate. There are plenty of free walking tours around the city that you can join at any point. There are also plenty of accommodation options for single travelers, depending on your budget of course. Transportation is easily accessible in Stockholm, with metro stations so beautifully decorated that they could be mistaken for art exhibits. You can expect the utmost hospitality, especially in restaurants and bars, where solo travelers are not a rarity and are not treated like an oddity by staff. A great destination to start a European solo adventure.

1. Iceland
This is the perfect solo destination if you are looking to unplug from the world for a while and really spend some time with yourself. In this beautiful country, you will be treated to the most magnificent waterfalls and glaciers. There are plenty of nature-oriented activities to do alone and the perfect backdrop for breathtaking photographs. One of the top peaceful countries in the world awaits your visit!

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