Top 10 European Cities to Visit

Dan Taylor | Jul 18, 2018

There is more to Europe than visiting the Queen. In fact, Europe is a very diverse continent with many different cultures and languages. For those planning a Europe trip, here are 10 of the top European Cities to visit to get the most variety and exposure.

10. Athens, Greece
Filled with so much history and culture, Athens is a bucket list city for avid travelers, and now is a better time than ever to visit. Greece is in somewhat of a financial fiasco at the moment, and tourists can take advantage of this by visiting at a lower price. Th economic woes will not, by any means, affect the beauty of Athens. The city is filled with gorgeous architecture and plenty to see and do. Accommodation prices are lower than before, and you can enjoy affordable, hearty meals at local cafes. Athens is also home to some of Europe's most uniquely creative bars, so make sure to take a bar tour and enjoy the local liqueurs and eats.

9. Porto Portugal
If you are looking for class, Porto is the place for you to visit. Located in Northern Portugal, Porto is a World Heritage City that oozes class and sophistication - even their McDonald's has chandeliers. There are plenty of local sights to enjoy, but the food is truly one of the highlights of this city. For the price of a meal at an average American lunch place, you can expect a fresh meal, made from organic local ingredients and the freshest fish. Meals are served with port wine, of course. Every meal will feel like you are fine dining.

8. Zagreb, Croatia
Zagreb has the most museums per capita in the world, so if you love museums, this is definitely the city for you. There is literally a museum for everything here. Despite that, the city has not been overrun by tourist prices. You can expect to find accommodation for no more than $50 per night. There are also a plethora of bars, restaurants and food markets so you can definitely taste your way around the city. Transportation within the city is also affordable with options to get a day pass for the train, or bike around the city.

7. Tallinn, Estonia
Tallinn is one of the best kept medieval cities on the planet. You simply have to visit to understand why this city is on the UNESCO World Heritage Site List. Estonia is a small country with a very small population so you can expect to feel welcomed and cozy when you arrive. As an ex-Soviet nation, Estonia is much cheaper than neighboring countries so you can expect to see some of their neighbors coming to Tallinn to do their shopping. Tallinn is an architectural and cultural city. Besides checking out all the beautiful buildings, you can enjoy free live music performances around the city.

6. Girona, Spain
With breathtaking medieval cathedrals and winding stones alleyways, Girona is the epitome of old Europe. In this city, you will find world-renowned restaurants, beautifully decorated bars, and other eateries that will take your taste buds on tour. Girona is also less than half an hour away from Costa Brava, where you will find medieval beauty in the beach town. There is so much to see and do in Girona, it is a popular destination for those continuing to Barcelona.

5. Krakow, Poland
Hipster meets historical. That's probably one of the best ways to describe Poland's most toured city. Krakow is a hot spot for visitors wanting to see the synagogues, art and fairytale charm that surrounds the city. Krakow is also a city of significance, holding painful Holocaust history within its streets. You can take a guided tour to learn about Krakow during the Holocaust. Food and lodging are very cheap, with accommodation costing no more than $50 and night and food and drinks costing no more than $5 per meal. You're in for a treat.

4. Ljubljana, Slovenia
First things first, it is pronounced "youb-blee-ah-na". Secondly, this is one of the most budget-friendly cities that you will visit in Europe. Really, it will feel like you spent nothing at all. This beautiful city is an infusion of Germanic, Latin and Slavic history, making it a unique blend of cultures. The city is home to the breathtaking Ljubljana Castle and mountain-lake towns nearby. The city itself is encircled by snow-capped mountains - Ljubljana is a photogenic city. The food in Ljubljana costs next to nothing, and the local hospitality is unmatched.

3. Italy
Getting there may be a bit of a process, but once you arrive, you will never want to leave. Located in southern Sicily, Agrigento is the epitome of relaxed luxury. The town center is located near The Valley of Temples - home to the most beautiful Greek ruins on this earth, and minutes away from the Stairs of Turks. Whilst in Agrigento, you can expect to live like royalty, with luxurious palatial properties costing from $60 per night. As for food, you are in for a Mediterranean feast. You will enjoy the freshest fish, fruits, and purest oils for next to nothing. You will never want to leave.

2. Budapest, Hungary
Forget Paris. If you're searching for European romance, Budapest is where you should be looking. Dubbed the spa capital of the continent, Budapest is the home of some of Europe's best-heated spas. These spas are accessible at a low cost and you can spend the day letting go of a lifetime of tension. If you love architecture, you can check out the city's unique combination of Turkish and Roman communist architecture. Accommodation in Budapest is also dirt cheap, with some private lodging starting at less than $10 a night.

1. Dublin, Ireland
If London had a cute little cousin, Dublin would be it. Located in Ireland, this city is perfect for those wanting to see classic Europe without breaking the bank or dealing with the London crowds. It is accessible by flight from most major European airports, for a low cost. Accommodation is also more affordable than other major cities. Ireland is a country filled with history and culture. There are plenty of sights to be seen and visitors can purchase the Dublin Pass which gets you into almost all Dublin attractions for a much lower cost. Being a quaint city, touring and sightseeing is more accessible for those who have limited time. Of course, Ireland is known for its beer and pubs, so make sure you visit the famous Temple Bar before you leave.

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