Top 10 Food Festivals in the USA

By Dan Taylor | Jan 10, 2018

They say that food is the gateway to the heart, and no one can disagree with that. Food can teach you so much about the culture of a place. It brings people together, during sadness and joy. For all the food lovers, the USA is full of different cuisines that are unique to specific regions. Food festivals occur year-round to celebrate and appreciate different foods in different parts of the country. Below are our top 10 food festivals in the USA. Eat. Travel. Enjoy.

10. Chicago Food Truck Festival, Chicago, Illinois
Nothing says "FESTIVAL" like a food truck, so what better way to festival than to have a food truck festival. Located in Chicago, this food fest celebrates numerous types of cuisine and food truck culture. The streets are lined with food trucks selling anything and everything that you can imagine. This is the perfect festival for those who want to try a bit of everything and anything.

9. Vegan Soulfest, Baltimore, Maryland
The festival for all things vegan and sustainable. This vegan festival celebrates food and healthful eating. There are numerous vendors selling delicious vegan foods from all culture and countries. There are also vendors selling cruelty-free products, and discussions about how to make the world cleaner, sustainable, and cruelty-free. This is great festival for those who love to eat well, as well as those who want to explore and learn more about veganism.

8. Maine Lobster Festival, Rockland, Maine
Calling all lobster lovers. This is the festival for you! Held in August each year, the Maine Lobster Festival is one of Rocklands main attractions. For five days, there is promise of anything and everything lobster. Local restaurants serve their specialty lobster dishes using the freshest ingredients. There are also cooking contests, demonstrations from world-renowned chefs, and nationally renowned entertainers who perform at the festival. This is definitely one for a niche demographic but a must for all foodies who love the freshest lobster.

7. Dessert Goals, New York City
If you are looking for heaven on earth, this is it. This festival is based on the most important food group - desserts! This festival is great for dessert lovers who would like to explore treats from around the world. Not only are all the desserts delicious, it also makes for some aesthetically pleasing Instagram pictures, and great gifts for those at home.

6. Hawaii Food and Wine Festival, Honolulu, Hawaii
This festival is hosted every year in September by award-winning chefs: Roy Yamaguchi and Alan Wong. This festival attracts chefs, sommeliers, wine, and spirit producers across the world who come to the four-day festival to showcase their best culinary skills, spirits, and wines. This festival is perfect for those looking to take a vacation to Hawaii and experience world-class cuisine. What better way to enjoy food and drinks, than in Honolulu with a picturesque oceanic backdrop. Pure bliss.

5. Feast Portland, Portland, Oregon
If you are planning on visiting Portland, make sure to plan it for mid-September to coincide with this glorious festival. Appropriately named, this food festival is truly a celebration that spans the entire city. There is the opportunity to try every single food you can think of. Some areas offer free samples, some offer extremely discounted full meals, and there are numerous food-related activities all across the city. You can explore the entire city knowing that you can grab a bite at any given point. This three-day festival runs from September 14th until the 17th.

4. Avocado and Margarita Street Festival, Morro Bay, California
Forget food and wine. This is Californian spin on the traditional food festival is just sensational. This festival invites chefs and cooks from around California to showcase their best margarita recipes, as well as food recipes which use avocados from California. This festival focuses on serving food made from local produce. You can even build your own margaritas. This is the perfect festival to say goodbye to the summer. It takes place in early September in Morro Bay.

3. Sweet Onion Festival, Walla Walla, Washington
What better way to celebrate the state vegetable than to throw a festival all about it! The annual Sweet Onion Festival is certainly a sight and an experience. The festival is held in June each year and has everything onion. There are races, activities, and of course delicious foods for all. There are cooking demonstrations by local chefs and onion experts, and the opportunity to try various types of sweet onions grown in Walla Walla. This is a fun and eccentric food festival that attracts visitors from all around the world.

2. NYC Vegetarian Food Festival, New York City
With a lot of festivals showcasing meat-based products, it can be difficult to find a festival that caters to vegetarians. The NYC Vegetarian Food Festival is one of the largest food festivals for vegetarians in the USA. In fact, most of the foods sold and served at the festival are made with no animal products or byproducts, making the food predominantly vegan. Held in May each year, attendees can expect to indulge in delicious foods made from the freshest ingredients. The festival also features cooking demonstrations from renowned chefs.

1. Taste of DC, Washington DC
If you want to truly taste the entire DC, this is, without a doubt, the place to be. Taste of DC is weekend-long festival, that sees the entire Festival Grounds of RFK Stadium filled with food and drink vendors. Over 65 of DCs finest restaurants bring their best food forward to this festival which is held whether there is rain or shine. As DC is a multicultural melting pot, you can expect to taste flavors from all around the world, prepared by the best. This festival is held in early October.

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