Top 10 Free Things to do in Toronto

Dan Taylor | Aug 08, 2018

Toronto is rated, by The Economist, as one of the best places in the world to live in. Despite that, city life is very expensive, and when you put aside money for housing, bills, and food, there is often little left for fun and shenanigans. Luckily for Torontonians, they live in a city that has plenty to see and do without spending a cent. If you are new to the city, visiting, or simply looking for something to do, here are 10 of some of the best things to do in Toronto for free-ninety-nine.

10.The Canadian Opera Company
Opera certainly is not free HOWEVER if you are in Toronto you are in luck! The Canadian Opera Company offers a series of free concerts and performances in the Richard Bradshaw Amphitheatre. Here, you can catch some of Canada's best bands, quartets, singers, dancers, and orchestras. The free concerts are available from September to May - meaning you will have something to do during the winter months.

9. Bata Shoe Museum
If you are a shoe lover, this last destination is definitely the one for you The Bata Shoe Museum is home to over a thousand pairs of shoes from around the world and every century. There are also shoes belonging to celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe and Justin Bieber, as well as every pair of shoes ever worn by Napoleon. This is only one of many free museums that are in Toronto.

8. Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO)
Even if the gallery was empty, it would still look like a work of art. With high ceilings and wooden spiral stairs, the gallery is the epitome of modern architecture. There is an impressive range of free programs to do at AGO, including tango lessons and weekly art classes. This is a popular place of interest for families looking to get out of the house and keep the kids entertained.

7. Evergreen Brickworks
Listed as one of the top 10 geotourism spots by National Geographic, Evergreen Brickworks is a breath of nature-y air near the city. It is easily accessible from the city center and visitors have the option of taking a guided tour or picking up the tour brochure and work their own way around the 40-acre of wilderness. This is a great spot to spend a summer's day or go for a date-day stroll.

6. Distillery Historic District
What started off as a site of the Gooderham and Worts whiskey distillery, and the province's most important manufacturing site is now a charming pedestrian village. Visitors can stroll through the Victorian village, appreciating the charming restaurants, boutiques, and art galleries. There are also live street performances during the winter months. This is a historic district like no other, which has a European feel and makes for a fun day out and cute pictures.

5. High Park
The Central Park of Toronto is filled with so much to do! There are hiking trails, playgrounds, and even a free zoo. During the summer months, visitors can also enjoy a trackless train which takes visitors to points of interest around the park. This park is of major historical significance in the city of Toronto, and if you are in or from the city, you definitely must pay a visit.

4. Harbourfront Centre
This is one of the most popular public spots in Toronto, so chances are, you have been there or passed by it on your commute. If not, you are in for a treat! This complex is both an indoor and outdoor facility that is devoted to showcasing and appreciating art. Throughout the year, you can expect to find performances and festivals which are either free or very low cost. As the name suggests, this location is right on Lake Ontario's shoreline and shares this space with other independent studios, galleries, stores, and restaurants.

3. Cherry Beach
If you are looking for something to do during the warmer months in Toronto, the beach is something that should definitely be on your list. Cherry Beach is accessible by bus from the city and sure to keep everyone in the family entertained. There is also Bluffers Park Beach which is equally as accessible and beautiful A prime location for the avid sand castle builders in the family.

2. Amsterdam BrewHouse
This is the go-to place for beers for Torontonians. The Amsterdam Brewery has been in business since the late 1980's and has definitely claimed its stake as the spot for beer-loving locals to kick back and enjoy the sun in the warmer months. If you are looking for something to do, you can enjoy a free tour of the Amsterdam BrewHouse at 5 pm, from Monday to Thursday, and Fridays at 11 am. Each tour is about 30 minutes long and includes a free tasting.

1. St Lawrence Market
If you are looking to engage your taste buds and get a bit of exercise, St Lawrence Market is the place for you to be. For those looking for produce, you can find the freshest foods at great prices. If you are window shopping, you can still sample the scrumptious cheeses and deli meats for free! You can also check out the other similar markets like the Kensington Market and Chinatown.

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