Top 10 Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow For Traveling
It's fun to live vicariously through other people online. After all, it doesn't cost anything and gives you ideas for your own travel plans.

By Dan Taylor | Feb 19, 2018

It's fun to live vicariously through other people online. After all, it doesn't cost anything and gives you ideas for your own travel plans. These Instagram accounts are absolute must-follows if you want to get a glimpse at the outside world in a way you've never seen before.

1. @sweatengine

This instagram account by Kevin Lu isn't limited by medium. It has videos, drawings, and photos that evoke adventure. You can feel the wanderlust in each scenic shot of mountains and forests as he travels the world. He says, "I think the best place to photograph is anywhere you can feel a sense of belonging. It's somewhere you'd want to be part of."

2. @sassychris1

Christina Tan is notorious for her striking photos and approachability. When she isn't posting stellar photos of landscape views and cities she's giving shout outs to her friends and fans. It must be hard to be both talented and awesome.

3. @kyrenian

This instagram account by Altug Galip is hard not to love. Each photo is more spectacular and breathtaking than the last. His favorite place to shoot is Norway and we love the photos that we get out of that. Just look look him up and experience the stunning Norwegian hills and landscapes firsthand. It's an account you'll just want to disappear into.

4. @teresacfreitas

Teresa Freitas is our favorite Lisbon-based instagrammer. Her account is pasted in muted pastels and scenery. If you love soft watercolors, you're going to want to live inside her account. Her favorite places to shoot are the sea and places she's never seen.

5. @localmilk

Beth Kirby is a master instagrammer. She's known for her pictures of food and table settings that will make your mouth water. Her secret to taking such stellar photographs? Light! She say's without directional light her photos would come out lifeless and dark. Keep an eye out for awe-inspiring pictures and the cookbook she's going to drop later this year.

6. @redbull

Okay, who doesn't love Red Bull? They are always jacked to the max and so is their instagram account. It's managed by the stunning Casey McPerry and it is just awesome. He takes inspiring photos of people and places that will make your head spin. You won't be able to make it through this account without wanting to hop onto a place and see the world.

7. @chloetheminifrenchie

Grumpy cat has nothing on Chloe the Mini Frenchie! This adorable little pupper bounces around the country and shows us a life we wish we lived. She chills at hotel pools, In-N-Out Burger, and rooftops bars. Check out the dog's life and experience the jealousy that will come with it.

8. @bodegacatsofinstagram

Okay we couldn't mention a dog without mentioning cats! They're amazing. They're Trendy. They're taking over bodegas in New York City! These little felines populate the cities outdoor shops and grocery stores and locals love them. So keep an eye out for them next time you go shopping in the Big Apple and Don't be afraid to get down and take a picture with these regal cat beings. They'll make your trip worth it.

9. @thevisualscollective

@thevisualscollective is an account made up of pictures by travelers. The manager of the account, Brett Brooner, solicits notable explorers and photographers to populate the account. He recommends that photographers map out their shooting location ahead of time and to find a place that isn't touristy. That's where the most magic happens!

10. @hawkeyehuey

This is another account that will make you seethe with jealousy. It's run by 7-year-old, Hawkeye Huey, the son of National Geographic photographer, Aaron Huey. This kid documents the world around him and sees things that most of us will never see. He's crazy talented too. Check out this account to see stunning places like Joshua Tree or even Fiji. It's hard to guess what place this talented 7-year-old will capture next.

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