Top 10 New Year's Celebrations Across the World
New Year's has become somewhat of a bore and stressor; surrounded by millions of people in a small confined space.

Dan Taylor | Aug 08, 2018

New Year's has become somewhat of a bore and stressor; surrounded by millions of people in a small confined space, waiting to see some average fireworks, whilst trying not to freeze to death. Does that sound too specific? Well, this is the typical Times Square New Years "celebration" which is frankly not what you should be going through as you enter the new year. For your next December 31st, look to these 10 places around the world that have some of the best celebrations that will start your new year off on the right foot.

10. Rio de Janerio, Brazil
The closing of a chapter calls for a party, and Rio is the party capital of the world. New Year's in Rio makes every other party seem like a small get together and yawn-fest. Get dressed in your best whites - to bring good luck - and head out on the town and to the shore. You can expect dancing all over the city, and spraying of champagne along the sand. The party keeps going all night long and you are guaranteed to enter the new year in the most festive mood.

9. The Bahamas
Carnival is an important social occurrence for Caribbean nations, and the Bahamas just so happen to host their version of Carnival on New Year's Eve. You are guaranteed to enjoy the marvelous displays of dancing, and parades on the streets of the island. Once the parade ends, you can keep the party going with the various after parties, white sands, and highly rated Bahamian restaurants. You are guaranteed to have the most exciting entrance into the New Year in the Bahamas.

8. Cape Town, South Africa
Imagine entering the new year sitting on top of the world. That can be your reality when you spend your New Year's Eve in Cape Town, perched atop Table Mountain. Here you will be able to have an uninterrupted view of the fireworks and the beautiful cape. This is a perfectly romantic way to enter the new year with your loved one, or ones.

7. Seattle
There is something special about being able to watch the fireworks from anywhere in the city and enjoying the view without the crowds and hassle. If you are in Seattle, you can be sure to see the majestic display from all around the city, as they spring out of the Space Needle. You can dance the night away in any of the bars, enjoying some of the most varied beers the country has to offer.

6. Reykjavik, Iceland
In this peaceful country, you are guaranteed to enter the new year in the most relaxed fashion you have ever experienced. With the sun going down at 4 pm, you can wind down around an Icelandic bonfire and burn away the previous year's energy. If you are game, you can also check out some of the new bars and clubs in the city and dance the night away. You can enjoy many of the personal fireworks displays put on by locals around the city.

5. Berlin, Germany
Yet another party city, and one that you will definitely enjoy. Berlin's NYE celebrations invite an international crowd and even get broadcasted on international TV. You have plenty of options including attending the annual Silvester celebration on the Party Mile near Brandenburg Gate. You can also spend the night partying one of the city's many nightclubs and parties. These celebrations are truly one of a kind, going until 12om the next day.

4. Edinburgh, Scotland
If you love cold, drizzly weather, Scotland may be the one for you. Whilst the weather conditions sound less than ideal, it is hard not to love the processional torch-carrying partiers that light up the city. You can expect plenty of street parties where everyone is invited, and arguably the world's largest rendition of Auld Lang Syne, sung by literally every person in the city.

3. Boracay Island, The Philippines
Looking to take in the most beautiful sunset of the year, and enter the new year with peace and tranquility, you should book your Boracay holiday for the next NYE. You can enjoy the perfect white sands, all day then get ready to party the night away. The island puts on a spectacular show, ensuring that all visitors have an NYE to remember. There are plenty of fireworks, and bars to enjoy.

2. Jost Van Dyke, British Virgin Islands
Despite being in the path of Hurricane Irma, BVI party city is more than ready and willing to host one of the best NYE in the world. You can expect to attend one of the many themed parties, or rub shoulders with the likes of Sir Richard Branson, and other celebrities. Even if you are on a budget, you can ring in the New Year celebrating like you are a billionaire in Jost Van Dyke

1. South Lake Tahoe, USA
With a plethora of activities to do, you can really enter the new year doing your favorite activity in the world - whether that be an evening ski on the lit slopes, or dancing the night away with friends. If the latter is more of your flavor, South Lake Tahoe hosts the annual SnowGlobe Music Festival which is an EDM event that will beat the winter chills. Even if you are not a fan of EDM, the festival brings a selection of other artists that will make your night a memorable one, and allow you to enter the new year at a world-class party!

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