Top 10 Places to Travel and Volunteer

Dan Taylor | Aug 08, 2018

Life is about giving back and helping to build those around us. Volunteering abroad is a unique experience that affords you the opportunity to travel and learn so much, whilst helping to those with the least to give back to you. It is a life-changing experience that requires thorough planning before embarking on your adventure. Here are 10 of the top countries to volunteer and travel.

10. South Africa
One of Africa's most popular destinations is among one of the top lists of countries for people who want to travel and volunteer. Depending on where in the country you are looking to work, there are various volunteer projects such as medical outreach, teaching children in rural South Africa, and volunteering on the wildlife reserves. One of the perks of volunteering in South Africa is that English is a widely spoken language, minimizing the communication barrier.

9. Nepal
For those looking for a peaceful and fulfilling volunteering experience, Nepal is the country to look to. Offering beautiful terrain and a calm air, long-term volunteers can expect a life-changing experience, working with the children of Nepal in orphanages. You can organize your volunteering experience in Nepal through many philanthropic organizations that connect individuals to orphanages in need of onsite assistance.

8. Australia
Wildlife enthusiasts and budding conservationists need to look no further than Australia for their next volunteer experience. With great biodiversity and wonder like the Great Barrier Reef, there are plenty of wildlife conservation programs to partake in. You can expect to make a notable impact, and work with experts from all over the world, researching and taking care of the Australian wildlife.

7. Peru
Mountains, beaches, and everything in between. Peru has it all. One of the major issues that face Peru is lack of infrastructure, and many of the volunteer opportunities in the country are centered around improving the country's infrastructure. Volunteers can expect to work on projects completing sustainable construction work and improving access to drinkable water.

6. Colombia
Much like Peru, Colombia is fast becoming a tourist haven, especially for backpackers. Majority of the people living in Colombia still do not have access to sustainable infrastructure, so most of the volunteer projects are located in non-urban parts of Colombia, and are based around creating safer access to drinking water, and building schools for local children.

5. Greece
This is a conservation tourism hotspot that may be a bit more costly to travel to, but definitely worth the experience. Greece is one of the biggest turtle habitats, and a majority of the conservation work in the country is based around making sure that the turtles do not continue to face harm in the changing climate, and with the booming tourism. This is a fantastic opportunity to work with these gentle creatures, as well as enjoy the best that this Mediterranean country has to offer.

4. Mexico
This is like Australia, but closer. As home to the world's second largest barrier reef, there is definitely a lot of work to be done in Mexico. Volunteers can take advantage of the location to conduct research that will be able to preserve barrier reefs across the world. You can volunteer log or short term, but you will not want to go home after embarking on this beautiful adventure.

3. Nicaragua
Those looking for short-term projects coupled with sightseeing should seriously consider Nicaragua. There are plenty of volunteering projects in the country, and the organizing companies have tours that can take you around the country volunteering in multiple small projects. This is a great way to see the country, whilst making a huge impact.

2. Zambia
Considered to be one of the best places to see wildlife in Africa, Zambia is the perfect location for your volunteer experience. You can volunteer in National Parks with various wildlife groups, or opt to volunteer in the development sector of the country. There is plenty to see and do throughout the country, making your volunteering trip a life-changing experience.

1. India
A country known for its authentic flavors and colorful culture, India is the place for you to volunteer and immerse yourself in in the beauty of the country. Because of its popularity, you can sign up for well-planned volunteer projects that include airport pickup, accommodation, and tourism around the country. You fall in love with the amazing food, beautiful landscapes and people that you meet across your volunteering journey.

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