Top 10 US Cities for Beer Lovers

By Dan Taylor | Jan 10, 2018

Believe it or not, beer tourism is a huge thing, and if you have not been on a beer tour, you owe it to yourself. Gone are the days where there is only one type of beer available. Nowadays, breweries are battling to create unique flavors and take beer from a drink to an experience. In case you are in the market for a beer tour, here are 10 of the top beer cities in the United States. Each city offers a unique experience and style of beer.

10. Portland

Welcome to Beer Nirvana. Portland is the city with the most local breweries in the world. Need I say more? If you only choose one place on this list, let it be Portland. If you are looking to get a thorough sampling of all the best beers in Portland, be sure to check out Loyal Legion, a newly opened bar that boasts the largest assortment of local beers on tap. If you are adventurous and have a few days (or weeks) to spare, you can tour most of the breweries and sample directly from the source.

9. Albuquerque
This is the home of some of the country's most lowkey beers, and a definite must-visit for seasoned beer lovers who are looking to expand their taste.This is a good destination for a short trip which involves visiting the dozen or so breweries in the city. You can take a self-guided tour, or partake in a tour guided by local beer guides. Either way, you are set to discover some of the best-underrated beers in the country.

8. Philadelphia
Philly is a city filled with rich history, but their beer history is often overlooked. There are 300 licensed breweries in Pennsylvania and a good chunk of those are in Philadelphia. Whilst not all of them host tours, you are able to get a taste of all their beers in the many beer-gardens and local taprooms across the city. The city's taprooms pride themselves in having predominantly local brews on tap at all times.

7. Boston
Home of Samuel Adams, Boston is a city not to be missed when exploring the beer cities of the USA. There is a good mix of traditional and newer, modern breweries which are certain to satisfy beer connoisseurs and experimentalists alike. Boston also boasts an extensive and renowned food scene - the perfect accompaniment for the local beers served on tap in most Boston restaurants and bars.

6. Kansas City
This is the city for the perfect trifecta - Bargain, BBQ, and Beer. Kansas City is the perfect location for beer and food lovers on tour. Whilst Boulevard Brewing Company reigns as the largest brewery in the city, there are plenty more that visitors can tour and sample their beer selections. Craft and Draft is a bar inside Kauffman Stadium that offers the city's largest selection of local beers, as well as good food.

5. Seattle
Whilst Seattle is better known for its wine and ciders, do not count it out on the beer scene. With Washington being one of the largest hos producers in the country, it has given birth to a new and booming brewery industry in the nearby cities, If you are looking to explore some of the newer and experimental breweries in the country, Seattle is the place for you. You can enjoy exciting new flavor combinations, as well as traditional beers.

4. Denver
This is arguably one of the most beer-loving cities in the country. Denver was host to the Great American Beer Festival, and also home to many local breweries. The easiest way to enjoy beer in Denver as a visitor is to take part in a guided beer tour where you can visit EVERY brewery in the city over a number of days. This city is so in love with beer that a microbrewery owner named John Hickenlooper, founder of Wynkoop Brewing Co. was promoted to Mayor, the Governor. That says a lot - they take their beer very seriously.

3. Louisville
The first thing you should know about Louisville is that is it filled with rich history from German immigrants who arrived in the city in the 1800's. Consequently, Louisville is home to authentic German-American brews that are dark and slightly tart - the local flavor, if you will. There are also other breweries specializing in lighter ales and spirits. There is something for everyone in Louisville. There is also an active beer-centered nightlife in the city, with various taprooms that offer all of the city's local brews.

2. Providence
This Rhode Island city is the capital of unique beers, as with most of their other food items. Providence takes beer and puts a unique flair to make it stand out from the rest of the brews available across the country. From using water from a local reservoir, to incorporate local lemonade in their shandy, the various breweries in Providence are going to take your tastebuds on a joyride. Each brewery has their own specialty which pairs wells with foods from the local eateries around the city.

1. Cleveland
If you are looking for a beer tour, Cleveland is the place to be. The city has tour specialists that can take groups to the local breweries including Great Lakes Brewing Company, and Market Garden Brewery. As well as being known for its breweries, Cleveland is also well known for some of the juiciest burgers and sandwiches. What a perfect pairing. This is a great city for beer lovers who are looking for guided tours and local insights.

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